Located at the most premium sites of the township, the appartments at Sunny Urban Greens overlooks the Nirvana Tower, Heaven Tower and Paradise Tower included and a serene lake on the other. They take modern living to new heights of comfort and bliss. Quite literally in fact, as each condominium has been designed with an emphasis on maximising space with practicality and has been calibrated with generous storage space. So that, living here feels like living in the sky.
A peerless setting of lush greens and a gently undulating landscape infused with an unhurried sense of leisure is appartments of varying sizes. Accompanied by a wide choice of recreational and leisure activities, from billiards and badminton, to yoga, squash and tennis, the Sunny Urban Greens offers a paradise of luxury.
Come explore a new zenith of opulence. Indulge in a life extraordinaire!